Beyond Preparedness: Strategic CWMD and CP Solutions

BVG & Company offers expert CWMD and CP defense strategies, providing actionable
solutions to protect against complex threats with a team of experienced professionals.

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Expertise In
Security & Resilience

BVG & Company Consulting specializes in equipping organizations with Counter WMD and enhancing infrastructure resilience. Our veteran-owned firm boasts over 90 years of combined experience in strategic defense and security solutions.

  • Counter WMD & Resilience Focus: Tailored strategies for comprehensive threat mitigation.
  • Veteran-Led Expertise: A foundation of service and dedication from Service Disabled Veterans.
  • Strategic Collaboration: Proven success in policy development and international partnerships.

We deliver precise, innovative solutions for global and national security challenges.

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Our Partners

We collaborate across a diverse ecosystem of partner organizations to drive capability development and innovation.

Strategic Solutions for
CWMD and CP Challenges

Strategic Risk Management

We offer specialized consulting to mitigate threats through strategic planning and alignment with national defense objectives.

Innovative Defense & Response

Focusing on CWMD and CP defense, our experts apply critical thinking to develop actionable countermeasures and responses.

Enhanced Collaboration & Integration

By promoting cooperation within and across organizations, we effectively ensure unified efforts to tackle security threats.

Government Readiness

BVG & Company specializes in solving complex problems within the CWMD and CP mission space. Our expertise lies in enhancing government collaboration and efficiency, surpassing America’s pacing threats with strategic capability development. Our approach ensures agencies quickly adapt, innovate, and remain at the forefront of national security.

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Our Strategic Approach To Security Challenges

Our Strategic Approach To Security Challenges

  • Discovery and Scope: We have a conversation, ensuring we listen more than talk while asking pointed questions to help us (and the customer) better understand the problem. We want a clear problem statement.
  • Analyze/Admire the Problem: Our team will spend sufficient time becoming familiar with and better understanding our customers’ specific problems- this is vital to ensure we are addressing the particular pain point and not an assumed challenge. We iterate with our customers to ensure we view the issue and desired end state similarly.
  • Develop and Implement a Plan of Action: Once our team feels confident that we understand the problem and what the customer’s desired end state is we iterate internally and then with our customer to develop a detailed plan with specific deliverables and metrics of performance and move out.
  • Measure Performance and Revise as Required: The BVG team constantly communicates with our customers throughout the project life cycle- periodically measuring progress and refining/revising as required. Our work on the effort does not cease until we have met or exceeded our client’s objectives.

Why Choose BVG & Company

Partner with us for unmatched expertise in CWMD and CP solutions. Our veteran-led team brings innovative strategies, and a commitment to national security. Let’s collaborate to enhance your operational capabilities and achieve
strategic goals.

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